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Different colour ribbons to denote diff types of Cancer awareness-

Fun & Info @ Keralites.netThe Orange ribbon is the symbol for kidney cancer awareness. The orange ribbon is also a symbol of leukemia,ADHD and self injury awarenessKidney cancer information

Fun & Info @ Keralites.netThe Periwinkle ribbon color signifies stomach cancer awareness, pulmonary hypertension, and eating disorders. Stomach cancer information

Fun & Info @ Keralites.netThe Blue awareness ribbon is a symbol for prostate cancer as well as Hydranencephaly, and child abuse awareness. Prostate cancer informationFun & Info @

A Gold ribbon signifies childhood cancer awareness and includes cancers such as the types of leukemia Childhood cancers

Fun & Info @ Keralites.netViolet ribbon is the sign for Hodgkin's Disease or Lymphoma a malignancy starting in the lymphatic tissues. Hodgkin's DiseaseFun & Info @

The Silver awareness ribbon
denotes ovarian cancer (Australia) which can take four different forms. Ovarian cancerFun & Info @

The Purple ribbon is awareness for Pancreatic cancer, Sarcoidosis, cystic fibrosis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, andalzheimer's disease.

Fun & Info @ Keralites.netThe Pink ribbon denotes breast cancer awareness. A cancer formed in the tissues of the breast. Breast cancerFun & Info @ Keralites.netThe

Gray awareness
ribbon is for brain cancer, asthma, diabetes awareness, Brain cancer, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)Fun & Info @
The Pink and Blue colored awareness ribbon is associated with inflammatory breast cancer. Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Fun & Info @ Keralites.netThe Jade Ribbon awareness is for hepatitis B and liver cancer in Asia and Pacific communities. Liver CancerFun & Info @
The Teal Ribbon awareness stands for agoraphobia, anxiety disorders and ovarian cancer. AgoraphobiaFun & Info @
The Red Ribbon awareness ribbon was created by the New York Visual AIDS Artists Caucus in 1991 HIV and AidsFun & Info @ Keralites.netThe Green Awareness ribbon is the symbol for organ transplantation and Lyme DiseaseFun & Info @
The Puzzle Awareness ribbon is for awareness of Autism, a development disorder with impaired social communication
Fun & Info @ Keralites.netThe White awareness ribbon stands for Multiple Hereditary Exostoses a rare condition when exostoses develop on bones.Fun & Info @ Keralites.netThe Blue Purple ribbon denotes childhood or pediatric stroke and rheumatoid arthritis awareness.Fun & Info @ Keralites.netThe Cloud Colored Ribbon denotes awareness for the childhood condition Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

Fun & Info @ Keralites.netThe Pearl awareness ribbon is the color designated for lung cancer awareness.Fun & Info @ Keralites.netThe Yellow awareness ribbon denotes suicide awareness and Endometriosis Awareness

Awareness ribbons are short pieces of colored ribbon folded into a loop, or representations of such, which are used in the United States, Canada, Australia, UK and other parts of the world as a way for wearers of the ribbon(s) to make a statement of support for a cause or issue.

The use of ribbons is designed to draw awareness to health issues and other issues. The most well-known is the red ribbon for support of those with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and the pink awareness ribbon which denotes breast cancer awareness. Other health and social concerns which have also adopted colored ribbons.

Because many awareness ribbon colors may have multiple associated meanings Disabled World is listing only the awareness ribbons regarding health and disabilities.

This is a list of awareness ribbons. The meaning behind the awareness ribbon depends on its color or colors. Many groups have adopted ribbons as symbols of support or awareness, and as a result, many causes often share each color. Some causes may also be represented by more than one color.

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